About Us

Our story

Our company was founded in 2020 after 6 years of legal research and 2 years of computer science development between New York and Paris. 

Optimalex builds his legitimacy both in practice and academia. 

Our founder, Frank Giaoui, is an entrepreneur. He has advised corporations and negotiated contracts since 1986 and from 1998 with his own boutique Hera Finance. He is also Post Doc JSD at Columbia Law School, PhD from La Sorbonne Law School, teaching fellow at University of Lorraine and Essec MBA. 


Co-founders Jòan Gondolo, Luv Aggarwal and Philippe Lachkeur are respectively PhD researcher teaching fellow at La Sorbonne Law School, MS in Computer Science from Columbia School of Engineering, and MS in Engineering Data Manager.


Diego Lobo

Legal Product Manager


Gabriel Martins

Software Engineer


Stella Douka

Data Scientist

Lampros Lountzis
Data Scientist


Karan Bakshi

Data Scientist


Senior Advisory Board


Daniel Bauer
Lecturer in Computer Science,

Columbia University

olivier sorba 2.jpg

Olivier Sorba

Former Head of risk and Chief Scientist

Lagardere Group 
PhD in Statistics and Mathematics


Donald Ferguson

Adjunct Professor in Computer Science,

Columbia University

Ansys Fellow, Ansys, Inc.


Daniel Temam

Former Chief Editor at INSEE,

the French Agency of Statistics and Economic Studies


Norbert Giaoui

Former General Counsel

Lagardere Group