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John Siegman

John Siegman

Business Advisor

John Siegman is the Co-founder & CCA of HazardHub, a property risk data company that was acquired by Guidewire in August 2021. He is now a senior executive at Guidewire helping to lead the direction of the HazardHub solution and guiding P&C insurance clients in innovating their data integration into critical processes.

John has 35 years of experience playing with good and bad data. John's career has focused on making better data and making better, more profitable, decisions with better data. John started at San Diego Gas & Electric as a market researcher and modeler, then moved onto Equifax National Decision Systems to focus on geodemographic and geofirmographic data and models. Twenty-five plus years were spent in the geospatial realm – with an emphasis on spatial risk and taxation data – covering utilities, insurance, government and gas & oil for Pitney Bowes, CoreLogic, and most recently HazardHub.


John holds a MBA from San Diego State University in Marketing & International Business and a Bachelor's in Marketing & Transportation from the University of Maryland.

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