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Jonathan Askin

Director, Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy Clinic, Visiting Professor at MIT Media Lab

Jonathan Askin primarily focuses on telecommunications and internet law. He is a professor at Brooklyn Law School and a was an adjunct professor at Columbia Law School as well as a visiting professor at the MIT Media Lab, as well as in the Universities of Queen Mary and Amsterdam.

Professor Askin is a recognized expert in the field of Internet law with experience both in the private and public sector, having been actively involved in Barack Obama's campaign and assisted the Federal Communication Commission. He is now affiliated with a series of successful initiatives looking to nurture start-ups and create a network of legal clinics. 

Jonathan Askin graduated from Harvard University and Rutgers law School. He clerked for Chief Justice Robert N. Wilentz of the New Jersey Supreme Court and practiced law both as an attorney and as a deputy public advocate for the State of New Jersey. Jonathan Askin's academic career sees him teach at the most renowned American (MIT, Columbia) and foreign (Queen Mary, Amsterdam) universities as he established himself as a frequent and highly published commenter of media, internet and communications law.

Jonathan's expertise is recognized by a number of public sector and not-for-profit entities such as the Legal Technology Laboratory, iLINC, Columbia institute for Tele-information and Legal Hackers, for which he has been a board member.

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