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Nate Beatty

Technical Advisor

Nate is an entrepreneur and technical team leader focused on solving hard problems with frontier technology. Nate cofounded IrisVR, the first B2B SaaS software for modern Virtual Reality, and built approachable and intuitive XR tools for over 700 enterprise customers in the AEC space. With his co-founder, he grew the team from two to over thirty, raised multiple rounds of venture capital totaling $15M, and designed the system architecture across cloud, mobile, and desktop environments while managing the engineering team. After the company was acquired in 2021, Nate founded Ascent Technology Consulting (ATC) where he advises high-growth companies and coaches founders and technical teams.

While studying physics at Middlebury College, Nate gained experience with high-performance GPU computing and the processing of scientific data. Upon graduating, he applied his CUDA and computer graphics knowledge to VR applications by cofounding IrisVR. He now leverages his technical background to innovate and guides the development of highly reliable and scalable enterprise software.

Nate's work building frontier technology for enterprise applications has been widely recognized. He is a frequent speaker and panelist including at events at Hardwired NYC and Google on topics ranging from Virtual Reality to Real-time Multiplayer Networking to Entrepreneurship. Nate was named as a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree in Enterprise Technology in 2017 and his immersive computing product Prospect at IrisVR won the coveted NYCCA Technological Innovation of the Year.

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