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Solutions for Corporations

Contract Drafting

Optimalex solution can help you optimize the prediction of outcome, allowing better weighted investment and more intelligent decisions on contract breaches.

Our proprietary algorithm is validated against our database, and we offer the option to focus the scope to your most relevant dataset.


Contingent Liability

Use Optimalex to predict a favorable or unfavorable outcome and adjust the scenarios of potential litigations or settlements.

Integrate Optimalex technology into your existing stack to inform even more your decisions.

Legal Predictive Analytics

Legal and Financial Analysis

Delve into a centralized legal and financial analysis, and interact directly with the variables that can predict judicial outcomes to optimize your legal risk management strategy.

Optimalex integrates tightly legal and economic variables and expertise. The cross-disciplinary basis for the solution is well suited to these legal and economic decisions. 

Legal Predictive Analytics

Litigation and ADR

Optimalex allows you to understand what cases should be pursued or settled, based on concrete legal factors from other cases. The model will evaluate the likelihood of success for your case (win rate), and also the expected quantum granted (recovery rate).

By offering better visibility on the potential outcome of an undesirable litigation, Optimalex assists legal practitioners in the use of alternative dispute resolution methods. 

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