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Solutions for Lawyers and Law Firms

Contract Drafting

When drafting contracts, Optimalex helps quantify liquidated damages clauses with new precision.


Optimalex also allows for optimization of choice of forum and choice of law clauses both at national and international levels. Optimalex is the only solution integrating comparative research, especially between the United States and France.

Legal Contract

ADR and Arbitration

By offering better visibility on the potential outcome of an undesirable litigation, Optimalex assists lawyers in the use of alternative dispute resolution methods.


Optimalex offers modules specific to international arbitration. 


Legal Risk Management

Optimalex allows you to understand what cases should be pursued or settled, based on concrete legal factors from other cases. The model will evaluate the likelihood of success for your case (win rate), and also the expected quantum granted (recovery rate).


At the heart of litigation, Optimalex enables lawyers to formulate efficient arguments, identifying relevant case law and convincing arguments.


Optimalex also helps lawyers to maximize the return on judicial investment; the software integrates a unique financial expertise.

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