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Solutions for Lawyers and Law Firms

Legal Risk Management

Integrate Agatha into your case selection process: assess overall worth and chances of success right from the start to ensure you pick the most relevant cases.


Agatha's extended capabilities identify key metrics on median case value, likelihood of success, risk of devastating verdicts, claim length, and judicial investments such as experts. 


At the heart of litigation, Agatha identifies relevant case law and convincing arguments, providing a sophisticated framework for making strategic decisions and enabling lawyers to formulate efficient arguments.


ADR and Arbitration

By offering better visibility on the potential outcome of an undesirable litigation, Optimalex assists lawyers in the use of alternative dispute resolution methods.


Optimalex offers modules specific to international arbitration. 


Practice Areas

Motor Vehicle Accidents: Efficiently handle every-day auto claims with integrated solutions for fair settlements.


General Liability: Quickly generate accident reports and resolve property and general liability claims.

Medical Malpractice: Identify severe and catastrophic claims to optimize your best strategy and minimize risk.

Workers Compensation: Predict the severity of workplace injuries and the odds of permanency.

Agatha predictions are also available for the assesment of business damages, including incomplex fields such as damages to reputation.

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