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Solutions For Insurance

Claims Litigation Management

Optimalex helps you understand what claims should be disputed or settled, based on concrete legal factors. Our predictive models will evaluate the likelihood of success for your case (win rate) and the expected quantum granted (recovery rate).


Create cost-effective strategies for closing a claim. Use Optimalex to predict a favorable or unfavorable outcome and adjust policy premiums, reserves, and compensation amounts accordingly.


Anticipate Devastating Verdicts

Detect early on latent outlying cases and protect your company from potentially devastating verdicts.


Explore the influence of specific litigation micro-variables such as venues, judges, jury compositions, attorneys, and experts to mitigate social inflation.


Enhance Settlements

With better visibility on the potential outcome of an undesirable litigation, Optimalex assists you in the use of settlements and alternative dispute resolution methods.


Stop overpaying. Gain a deep understanding of what drives the value of a settlement and increase fairness and customer satisfaction by offering the right settlement amount from the start.


Optimize Litigation

When litigation is unavoidable, using Optimalex will let you anticipate your costs and control legal risk management.

Rely on Optimalex’s AGATHA to save on mock trials expenses and increase confidence against aggressive plaintiffs. 

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