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Our First Birthday!
A Day to Pause and Reflect Along Our Path from Data to Prediction

May 27th is the day that Optimalex has officially been incorporated for one year.


Though the legal research that brought us here and the data science and software development had started a decade earlier, we are proud to celebrate our accomplishments today. Since two of our favorite things are laws and numbers - today we share a little of both. We remember when we were a small group of Academic Researchers solving problems that turned into visions of Legal Predictions.

We remember when there were only two legal data scientists - today we have seven. We remember when we had three founders and a fourth employee - today we have ten employees and we are in the process of  hiring numbers eleven and twelve. We remember when we were working out of one city, Paris. Today we are working around the globe and around the clock with team members in New York, Paris, Philadelphia, New Jersey, India, Tunisia and more. We remember building our first legal theory around Contract Breaches. Today our software covers seven Practice Areas and Situations and we are in the process of curating data in at least five more.

We remember analyzing our first set of cases - today we have an entire service (NOAH) dedicated to curating cases that tag them and integrate them into our prediction software. We are receiving multiple data samples from all types of customers. We are helping them with housing prior case data in one place, all while increasing the accuracy of their future case predictions. We are also being looked at to increase profitability for all sides of these cases. We are grateful for our product testers and legal market study colleagues.

We know that we are standing at the forefront of legal prediction and we are all committed to remaining the number one trusted provider of Case Prediction Software. We know that when you think of Legal Prediction you will think of us.

Today we thank everyone for joining us on The Path From Data To Prediction.

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