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Take advantage of groundbreaking AI to assist and predict casualty insurance claims outcomes in order to power timely, consistent, and accurate resolutions.

AI Claims Prediction and Assistance


AI Claims Predictive Analytics

Our award-winning, end-to-end AI claims solution offers property and casualty insurance companies and attorneys the means to reduce uncertainty over the claims lifecycle and optimize outcomes in a variety of claim types: Motor Vehicle Accident, General Liability, Medical Malpractice, and Workers Compensation.

Optimalex's Agatha

AGATHA displays an interactive dashboard of estimates of the outcome of a claim.

Users can update parameters to create multiple win and recovery rate estimates for the same case.

AI Claims Workflow Assistance

Claims adjusters usually spend up to 60% of their time in data collection, structuring, reporting, and communication. Our cutting-edge technology (NLP, OCR, RPA) saves half of this time to focus on more certain claims resolutions.

Workflow automation focuses attention on the right claims and saves time throughout the claims lifecycle.

AI Claims Workflow


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KER Legal Group

"I cannot speak highly enough of Optimalex's commitment to innovation and practicality. They have consistently demonstrated a keen ability to create intuitive, user-friendly solutions that align with our client's needs."

Richard Caruso, Vice President & General Manager, ALM

"We were looking for a tool to help us with our claims assessment. We found it: Optimalex's Agatha is an injury worksheet on steroids."

— Nigel Shepherd, J.D., CPCU, ARe, Chief Claims Officer

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About Us

Our Story

Optimalex was founded in 2020 after nearly a decade of intensive legal analytics, data science research, and software engineering between New York (Columbia) and Paris (La Sorbonne).

Our Vision

Optimalex is an insurtech whose ambition is to increase fairness, reduce risk, and improve efficiency on damages claims and recoveries, hence benefiting all parties involved in disputes.

Our Mission

Optimalex provides AI predictive analytics decision support tools to improve consistency, fairness, and efficiency in insurance claims management and dispute resolution.

Get Started Now

Optimalex can be fully piloted quickly — no huge IT lift required.

Easy to Use and Time Efficient

Optimalex’s solutions are designed for easy integration and operation, significantly reducing data input time. 

Seamless Integration 

Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing claims system and ingests and structures your data. No more double documentation and navigating between different platforms. 

Accelerated Processes and Maximum ROI

With our optimized workflows and shortened processes, you can handle claims with unprecedented speed and precision. Our smart report generation features automatically compile relevant claim information from notes, allowing for more than 10x ROI. Reach out to us to estimate your ROI. 

How We Help

How We Help

Insurance Claims Management

Workflow Automation

Optimalex assists adjusters in organizing their workflow through intuitive dashboards and alerts. Track progress on claims and complete milestones until the resolution of the claims.


Optimalex’s Agatha further assists adjusters in setting reserves through FNOL assessment. Investigation of loss is facilitated by insights and statistics. Finally, Agatha’s predictive capabilities help reach a fair settlement value while ensuring smooth communication between all parties. 


Claims Triage


As an insurtech, Optimalex helps claims adjusters identify early-on potentially outlying cases to protect insurance companies from devastating verdicts. 

Our solutions also help you optimize retention of legal representation and experts. 

Claims Management

Our software allows you to benefit from integration with claims management solutions to access predictions and leverage the value of time. Using AGATHA, claims can be settled quickly and at a fair value.


Gain instant insights into several key indicators such as claim value, escalation, likelihood, and length of litigation.


Claims Settlement and Litigation

041-justice scale.png

Optimalex helps you manage the risks associated with each claim by recommending prompt settlement at a fair value and predicting the outcome of mediation or undesirable litigation.

Optimalex solutions are benchmarked with millions of datapoints from Federal and State courts. Our software estimates claims outcomes based on jurisdictions, law firms, and experts involved, as well as the severity and circumstances of the loss.

We Are Hiring

Join us on our mission to provide AI-based claims predictive analytics software for cost-effective claims management for P&C insurance carriers

Solutions That Suit You

P&C Insurance

You are an insurance company wanting to delve into predictive analytics software.

PropertyCasualty360 Award

Law Firms and Lawyers

You are a law firm or lawyer interested in our solution for your practice.

Captive Insurance

You are a captive insurer interested in AI claims predictions and assistance.

Who We Are

Who We Are


Frank Giaoui
Frank Giaoui
Founder and President
Luv Aggarwal
Luv Aggarwal
Co-founder & Head of Engineering


Senior Advisory Board


Nigel Shepherd

Senior Insurance Advisor


Nate Beatty

Founder of Ascent Technology Consulting


John Siegman




Pete Sisserson

Senior Claims Management Executive


News and Publications


April 2024

Optimalex Profiled in Carrier Management

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March 2024

Using AI to Settle on Damages by Frank Giaoui


October 2023

Optimalex Selected For Insurtech NY Accelerator


January 2023

Optimalex Named to Guidewire Insurtech Vanguards


September 2022

Frank Giaoui Presents Optimalex At InsureTech Connect

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