Intuitive predictive analytics

Take advantage of groundbreaking AI technologies to obtain reliable damages estimates and refine your strategy.

Our story

Optimalex was founded in 2020 after nearly a decade of legal research and data/computer science development.

Our vision

Optimalex's ambition is to increase fairness and reduce risk on damages claim and recovery, hence benefiting all parties involved in disputes.

Our mission

Optimalex provides a universe of AI based predictive analytics decision support tools and services to maximize our clients' ROI whether they settle or litigate.


Our solutions



Optimalex’s AGATHA is a SaaS platform that uses predictive intelligence to estimate the outcome of a case, quantify recoverable damages and length of proceedings for all parties involved.


Optimalex’s NOAH extracts, curates and structures your data for prediction. This service sets the course for your future cases and optimize  your claim management.

We take pride in our numbers.


Years of cumulative experience in our team


Data points used in our predictions


Legal practice areas


Optimalex analyzes 1,500,000 data points in judicial decisions and settled cases, through machine learning and natural language processing techniques, to offer our clients the most objective predictions.


We start with Law and then use data sciences. While 85% of our work is automated, Optimalex lawyers stay committed all along the chain, ensuring that our products and services are sound and continuously improved.

The Path from Data to Prediction:
How it works

Legal Analysis

Our team of lawyers continuously analyzes new cases to keep our models up-to-date.

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques enhance our capabilities, but we do not rely on them alone. Our lawyers verify and correct results to ensure our data is 100% reliable.

We are lawyers helped by data scientists, not the other way around.

​Our legal team is also vested in research and continually explores new areas of the law where our expertise could be helpful. 

Extraction of Information

Based on our lawyers’ analyses, our engineers have developed tools to identify, extract and curate all the relevant information per case, contract, memorandum, and other legal sources.

​With our groundbreaking algorithms and user interface, we offer you collective intelligence of all our analytics without putting your data at risk. Only you, can access the data you decided to share with Optimalex.

Machine Learning

Once the data is extracted and secured, our data scientists and analysts turn to predictions. We use state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, including Neural Networks, Random Forests, and Gradient Boosters. 

We keep communication among teams strong: lawyers supervise engineers throughout the entire process to ensure that models are legally sound. 


Once the process is completed, you will have instant access to predictions with the level of detail you require.

Do you simply want an estimate of your odds to win a small dispute? Optimalex can do it.

Do you want to know the exact statistical projection by claim type in 12 different jurisdictions? Optimalex can do that as well.

We have you covered!

How Optimalex can help

Contract drafting

Drafting a contract is the first step of a successful business relationship. Optimalex assists you in this phase to ensure that your interests are preserved. 


We estimate your chances of success before courts with our predictive algorithms and we help you quantify the liquidated damages clause you wish to insert.


As the only deeply rooted and internationally oriented platform, Optimalex assists you in the drafting of international contracts, particularly in the context of choice of law and forum clauses. Our tool can estimate litigation outcomes by considering several combinations of forums and applicable laws.

Settlement & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution methods are nowadays the daily business of insurance carriers, corporations and law firms. That's why Optimalex has developed modules dedicated to arbitration, both domestic and international. 

​We assist you in the risk management of your contracts by automatically predicting the outcomes of undesirable litigations. With this result, Optimalex allows you to determine the value of inserting arbitration and dispute settlement clauses in your contract instantaneously.

Based on our extensive database, we offer you the opportunity to compare your case with similar other cases and settlements. We estimate your likelihood of success based on concrete legal factors. With this information, you can assess whether it is more profitable to negotiate, settle, or arbitrate your dispute.


If you choose to pursue litigation, Optimalex assists you in proceedings before national courts. 


​Our model predicts the results you can achieve based on factors like the jurisdiction, the industries in which you and your opponent operate, the law firms and experts involved, the legal bases, and the severity of your losses.


We also help you optimize your arguments to make them more effective. Using our extensive database and the principles of federative learning, we enable you to instantly identify the most promising causes of action, arguments, and legal principles. 


Deeply rooted in the world of finance, Optimalex enables its clients to find the most appropriate methods of damage assessment for their situation. Aware of the substantial investment that this can generate, our software is configured to optimize your return on legal investment.