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Workers Compensation Claims Predictive Analytics

The annual volume of workers' compensation cases in the US is a little less than 5 million, with the average workers’ comp claim being about $41,000. Of these claims (as in other bodily injury situations), 90% are settled, while the remaining 10% are litigated. Thus, there are approximately half a million litigated WC claims each year, and ample room for uncertainty and unmitigated losses. Imagine being able to quickly assess the severity and duration of each of these claims in just a few clicks?

Optimalex’s newly developed data analytics and machine learning algorithms allow workers’ comp adjusters to do exactly that! Our AI-powered solutions rely on over 150 million workers’ comp data points to predict the duration of a temporary disability, the odds of an injury worsening or becoming permanent, and the probability that it will be disputed. Our solution is designed with ease of use and can be effortlessly integrated into existing claims management systems thanks to our strategic partnerships and API access.

Contact us for a demo and learn how you can revolutionize your workers' comp adjusting strategy today!


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