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Lead Data Scientist



We are looking for an exceptional candidate who is passionate about research and development by applying various data science and NLP / ML techniques.

You will work in a collaborative and international atmosphere with senior academics and practitioners in Computer Science, Law, Economy and Finance, to develop a SaaS tool to predict the judiciary outcome of claims settlements and litigation. This position offers the right candidate an opportunity to play an important role in the next technical revolution of the insurance sphere. You will be a lead data scientist contributing to the software that can potentially redefine the way litigated claims are brought, argued and decided. You will be part of a team that is creating groundbreaking algorithms and models for insurance companies, corporate clients, and government organizations.

Time Requirement:

This is a full-time position ideally designed for a trained data scientist with 3+ years’ work experience. Remote work is possible. Candidates will benefit coaching from founders and should start working ASAP.


We'll trust you to:

  • transform data from a variety of heterogeneous sourcesExtract, load, process, clean and

  • Design a data science API to be used with the software

  • Analyze the impact of features on the verdict of a litigation

  • Explore, design, and prototype ML use-cases that solve business problems with specific outcomes

  • Make quick, thoughtful decisions and share them with the team

  • Be able to work ethically both in autonomy and in collaboration with your team members

  • Have a strong understanding and an excellent ability to solve problems in: 

    • Object-oriented design and data structures

    • Algorithm design, problem solving, and complex analysis

  • Be able to effectively communicate with multidisciplinary teams residing in different continents


You'll need to have:

  • BS and/or MS and/or PhD in data science related fields: Stats, Math, Physics, Computer Science

  • 3 years of professional experience in regressions, clustering, and/or other ML and/or NLP techniques

  • Experience of working with software engineers in multidisciplinary environment

  • Proficiency in Python development

  • Enthusiasm for learning state-of-the-art data science techniques for the legal domain

  • Functional understanding of agile development


Appropriate compensation in pay, stocks and professional development.

Upon assessment of performance and long-term commitment, potential to become a partner in the venture.

Please send your resume and cover letter to

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