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Daniel Bauer

Daniel Bauer

Lecturer in Computer Science, Columbia University

Professor Bauer’s background is in Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics.


His research concentration is on syntactic and semantic parsing. His work combines machine learning techniques with linguistically inspired formal models of the relationship between text, syntax, and semantics. It focuses on learning such models automatically, as well as efficient algorithms for inferring good semantic interpretations. 

Bauer is also interested in language that is “grounded” in other modalities, such as formal knowledge bases, 3D scenes, and vision. He investigates how the relationship between language and the objects or concepts it refers to can be modeled and used in NLP systems.

Daniel Bauer received his undergraduate degree in Cognitive Science from the University of Osnabrück in 2007 and a MS degree in Language Science and Technology from Saarland University in 2010. He completed his PhD in Computer Science at Columbia University in 2017.

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